If your brother says he’s going to become a guerrilla, don't worry, he's not planning to become a hairy animal. Guerrilla fighters band together in a small underground army, usually trying to overcome a larger and more organized force.

  • Pronunciation: /gə'rɪlə/
  • English Description: a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment
  • Synonyms: insurgent
  • Chinese Translation: 游击队员(you2 ji1 dui4 yuan2)
  • Spanish Translation: la guerrilla
  • ORIGIN: Guerrilla and gorilla are pronounced the same — which makes it easy to remember how to say guerrilla — but they have different meanings. In Spanish, guerra means "war," andguerrilla means “little army.” Guerrilla fighters tend to work in small groups and use ambush and sabotage to surprise stronger, more traditional forces. You’ve might have heard of Che Guevara, a famous guerrilla fighter who was involved in the Cuban Revolution.


  • The idea was to use armed guerrilla bands to destroy India's communication system, and attack nodal points to tie up the Indian army.
  • And most striking of all: this guerrilla bicycle event unfolded in the heart of the world’s car capital, Los Angeles.

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