An ambit is the area or range that someone controls or affects. The kid who's voted president of her sixth grade class is going to be thrilled, despite her relatively small ambit.

  • Pronunciation: /'æmbɪt/
  • English Description: the distance or area or volume over which something extends
  • Synonyms: compass
  • Chinese Translation: 范围(fan4 wei2)
  • Spanish Translation: ámbito
  • ORIGIN: The origins of ambit go back to the Latin word for "going about or going round," ambitus, and for a time, ambit literally meant "the area surrounding a building." Today, the range of a person or group's power is their ambit. For example, if a crime is committed on a college campus, the town police won't investigate if they decide that it's the ambit of the college police, or under their jurisdiction.


  • Difficult, that is, within the ambit of sustaining a serious presence at Westminster and representing the people of Scotland, as promised at the election.
  • “A taxpayer may fall within the ambit of the offence without any intention or knowledge on their part,” said Stevens.

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