Your kindred are your people. If you say are going to visit your kindredduring the holidays, that means you are going to visit your relatives.

  • Pronunciation: /'kɪndrəd/
  • English Description: group of people related by blood or marriage
  • Synonyms: clan
  • Chinese Translation: 家族(jia1 zu2)
  • Spanish Translation: emparentado
  • ORIGIN: The word kindred can be used as either an adjective or a noun. The noun version is somewhat archaic — you are more likely to encounter this word in classic literature than in casual conversation. You may be more familiar with the adjective version of the word, which has gained popular usage in the term “kindred spirit” or “kindred soul,” which is used to describe those who share similar attitudes, characteristics, or beliefs.


  • The two men are kindred spirits in a sense, as survivors of violent Cold War-era ideological conflicts that split their nations in two.
  • Yet, transposed to the new century, the episode becomes less an act of revolution than a purging of personal impotence and its attendant anger.

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