If you transpose something, you change the order. You could transpose the phrases in that first sentence by writing, "You change the order if you transpose something."

  • Pronunciation: / træn'spoz /
  • English Description: change the order or arrangement of
  • Synonyms: commute
  • Chinese Translation: 调换(diao4 huan4)
  • Spanish Translation: transponer
  • ORIGIN: In music, you also transpose when you change the key. When a song is a little high for you, you can transpose it to bring it down into your natural range. In math, to transpose is to move something from one side of an equation to another. In the equation x + 3 = 2y, you can solve for x by transposing the 3 to the other side of the equation, which will change its sign and give you x = 2y - 3.


  • The question is how to transpose the digital birdsong into the orchestra.
  • Yet, transposed to the new century, the episode becomes less an act of revolution than a purging of personal impotence and its attendant anger.

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