A grouse is a small game bird. But the verb to grouse is different. It means to gripe about how unhappy you are. It's not recommended for most people, because grousing is unattractive.

  • Pronunciation: /ɡraʊs/
  • English Description: express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness
  • Synonyms: gripe
  • Chinese Translation: 埋怨(mai2 yuan4)
  • Spanish Translation: quejarse
  • ORIGIN: People's excitement about the rise of the Internet has been largely replaced by disappointment that it's turned out to be essentially a forum for people to grouse. No disappointment is too small to grouse about on the Internet. Did you stub your toe? Grouse about it in your blog! Did your sister tattletale? Get online and start grousing. "I grouse, therefore I am," might be the motto of the Internet. Oh well: now I'm grousing too.


  • Additionally, the president and first lady have playfully groused about the harsh Chicago winters.
  • No structures are threatened but some sage grouse habitat has burned and some priority habitat is threatened.

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