A brood is a group of young born at the same time — like a brood of chicks — but your parents might use the word for you and your siblings: "We're taking the whole brood to the movies tonight."

  • Pronunciation: /brud/
  • English Description: the young of an animal cared for at one time
  • Synonyms: clutch
  • Chinese Translation: 一窝(yi4 wo1)
  • Spanish Translation: progenie
  • ORIGIN: Brood is also what a chicken does when she sits on her eggs to hatch them. You can also brood, when you worry and sulk and dwell on something obsessively — maybe as tedious as sitting on eggs, but no chicks when you're done. Things like clouds or silence can also brood, hanging over something ominously, as a storm that broods over the sea, sending fishermen scurrying for safety.


  • We found her, huge and brooding, inside an enormous hole that she had dug.
  • When I was 12, I reared a brood of baby bullfinches brought to me by a neighbor who had felled their nest tree.

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