Sophistry is tricking someone by making a seemingly clever argument, such as telling your mom you must have candy before dinner because if you don't you'll die and then the protein and vitamins won't get eaten at all.

  • Pronunciation: /'sɑfɪstri/
  • English Description: a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning
  • Chinese Translation: 诡辩(gui3 bian4)
  • Spanish Translation: sinecura
  • STORY: Sophistry is a word that you hear very little in contemporary life, perhaps because it makes anyone who uses it sound like a Puritanical fanatic insisting that something like gum-chewing is the path to the devil. But we are certainly still surrounded by examples of sophistry––just turn on the TV and watch an ad. You'll see plenty.


  • She glowers at attorneys peddling sophistry, tearing apart their feeble reasoning and tossing the carcass back at them.
  • The Merriam- Webster dictionary defines “sophistry” as “the use of reasoning or arguments that sound correct but are actually false.”

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