If you have a cushy job — one that pays, but involves minimal work — then you have a sinecure. "Because he was the brother of the CEO, he was offered a sinecure in the company: he showed up each day and collected a pay check, but others actually did his work."

  • Pronunciation: /'saɪnɪkjʊr/
  • English Description: a job in an organization
  • Chinese Translation: 闲职(xian2 zhi2)
  • Spanish Translation: sinecura
  • STORY: The noun sinecure comes from the Latin root words sine curameaning "without care." It originally was used to describe a church position that did not include caring for the souls of parishioners, but that meaning is considered archaic now. The word is now usually associated with political appointments


  • During the pre-modern era and blessed with abundant ground water, the area was populated by samurai warriors who supplemented their measly sinecures by raising goldfish.
  • Zink’s humor is rarely predictable, even when she goes after predictable subjects — such as academic sinecures and poets.

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