Muster, originally meaning only to gather soldiers, muster's definition has been expanded to include gathering up just about anything––you can muster up some dinner, some friends, or even some ketchup, pickles and mustard.

  • Pronunciation: /'mʌstɚ/
  • English Description: assemble or get together
  • Chinese Translation: 集合(ji2 he2)
  • Spanish Translation: juntar
  • STORY: Remember that muster used to involve getting reluctant soldiers out of bed and into the field of battle––it involves overcoming a certain inertia. When you muster up the courage to face something, it's clear that this is pretty scary for you.


  • It is all of these things and even has to pass muster with a government board.
  • And the ruling gave him the opportunity to see whether the revisions that U.S. officials have made to the no-fly procedures pass muster.

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