If only the world were populated entirely with complaisant people! Complaisant means willing to do something to please others, and complaisant people or animals are wonderful to be around.

  • Pronunciation: /kəm'pleɪz(ə)nt/
  • English Description: helpful in bringing about a harmonious adaptation
  • Chinese Translation: 彬彬有礼的(bin1 bin1 you3 li3 de)
  • Spanish Translation: cortés
  • STORY: Don't confuse complaisant with its near-homonym complacent. Both derive from the Latin complacere "to please," but whilecomplaisant means willing to do something to please another,complacent means smug and self-satisfied, something that you want to avoid when you're on the winning team.


  • For one thing, euro-zone banks can no longer shelter behind complaisant national supervisors that seek to protect their own.
  • It is not historically true that if complaisant regulators create opportunities for malfeasance that banks will automatically pursue those opportunities.

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