Want to go on a trek through the mountains? Make sure you have good shoes, drinking water, and snacks. A trek is a long and difficult journey.

  • Pronunciation: /trek/
  • English Description: a long and difficult journey, made especially on foot as an adventure
  • Chinese Translation: 艰苦跋涉(Jian1 Ku3 Ba2 She4)
  • Spanish Translation: Trek
  • STORY: The word trek implies an extended trip that is hard — a climb up a mountain or a journey through dense forests. In the movies and TV shows called "Star Trek," the crew of the Enterprise is on a journey through space that will last a long time. You wouldn't say that you took a trek to the corner grocery unless you had to fight through three feet of snow to get there.


  • When the trekking company promised to send a helicopter, one of the French hikers, a pilot, suggested they make a helipad. 

  • In her 1998 autobiography, "The Longest Trek: My Tour of the Galaxy," she wrote that her acting career largely ended and she became an alcoholic.

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