If you’re talking about the most popular or common thing, call it predominant. If thepredominant feeling in a neighborhood is that pizza is the best food, the result might be pizzerias being the predominant type of restaurant there.

  • Pronunciation: /prɪˈdɔmɪnənt/
  • English Description: more powerful, more common, or more easily noticed than others
  • Chinese Translation: 卓越的(Zhuo2 Yue4 De)
  • Spanish Translation: Predominante
  • STORY: The adjective predominant describes a person or thing with great power or influence, or something that is prevalent. It comes from the Latin prefix prae-, “before,” and dominari, “to rule.” For example, because so many people like hip-hop, it might be the predominant music heard at a school dance. And that neighborhood with all the pizzerias? Teenagers are the predominant customers, and pepperoni is the predominant topping.


  • In this painting, the predominant colour is black.
  • Singers have a predominant role in this performance.

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