If you hair is sleek, it is smooth and glossy. If your car is sleek, it's shiny and looks like it goes fast. Sleek always means smooth, glossy, and streamlined.

  • Pronunciation: /sliːk/
  • English Description: a vehicle or other object that is sleek has a smooth attractive shape
  • Chinese Translation: 光滑的(Guang1 Hua2 De)
  • Spanish Translation: pulcro
  • STORY: Sleek is a variant of the word, slick. When you slick back your hair with grease, it becomes sleek. Cats are often called sleek with their silky coats and lithe movements. A dress could be described as sleek, if it fits tightly to your body and makes you look polished and perfectly fit. When something is sleek, it's aerodynamic.


  • “The Voice” Season 8 crown was placed reverently on the sleek head of young Sawyer Fredericks, metaphorically speaking, on Tuesday night. Los Angeles Times May 20, 2015

  • It is sleek: Rockwell imagined a tablecloth draped over a table when designing the smooth finish and using automotive-grade paint.

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