A furnace is an appliance that heats houses and buildings by burning fuel or circulating hot water. Your furnace might rumble in the basement, sending heat up through your house's radiators.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈfəːnɪs/
  • English Description: a large container for a very hot fire, used to produce power, heat, or liquid metal
  • Chinese Translation: 熔炉(Rong2 Lu2)
  • Spanish Translation: horno
  • STORY: Most houses in cold climates have a furnace, to warm their rooms during the chilly months of the year. Furnaces also have industrial uses, like burning trash or extracting ore from metal. If someone says, "It's as hot as a furnace in this classroom!" they mean that it's extremely hot. Furnace comes from the Old French fornaise, "oven," with the Latin root word fornacem, "oven or kiln."


  • Silhouettes of Pittsburgh icons, from the Smithfield Street Bridge to the Carrie Furnace, will dot the horizon of the circular space.Architectural Digest May 6, 2015

  • Also, there was significant increase in real consumption of fuel oil for oil furnaces

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