If you are glee club treasurer, and you pocket twenty glee dollars saying you used it to buy lozenges, you are committing embezzlement, the theft of money or property that you officially manage.

  • Pronunciation: /Im'bez·zle·ment/
  • English Description: to steal money from the place where you work
  • Chinese Translation: 盗用(Dao4 Yong4)
  • Spanish Translation: malversación
  • STORY: In order for stealing to be embezzlement, you need to both be in charge of the funds or property you are stealing, and you need to conceal your theft. Because of this, it is classified as a type of fraud. People who commit embezzlement often create fake paper trails — receipts, canceled checks, false signatures — to hide their crime.


  • The police said on Tuesday that they were investigating the three ministers for "alleged embezzlement". BBC Apr 8, 2015

  • The owner of the private company that organised the bridal trips was arrested in 2013 and stands accused of embezzlement.

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