Things that are glacial are super cold. A place can be glacial — like the South Pole — but a person can be glacial, too, like that unfriendly girl who gave you a glacial stare.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈgleɪʃəl/
  • English Description: relating to ice and glaciers, or formed by glaciers
  • Chinese Translation: 冰河的(Bing1 He2 De)
  • Spanish Translation: glacial
  • STORY: The word glacial is related to the word glacier, which is a huge piece of ice. If something or someone is glacial, that thing or person is icy. You can give someone you don’t like a glacial look, or you can go skiing on a glacial morning. Glacial comes from the Latin glacies, which sounds like the name of a frozen dessert, but which actually just means "ice."


  • A path rendered less glacial was as much as the skilled cavaliers of mid to late-Victorians could hope for. BBCApr 5, 2015

  • “The way Congress moves is at a glacial pace,” said Booker, a freshman Senator from New Jersey.

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