Use the noun chancellor to describe the president of your college, or the head of the German government.

  • Pronunciation: / 'tʃɑːnsələ/
  • English Description: the person who officially represents a British university on special occasions/the leader of the government or the main government minister of some countries
  • Chinese Translation: 大法官(Da4 Fa3 Guan1)
  • Spanish Translation: canciller
  • STORY: The word chancellor is often capitalized, depending on whom it's being used to describe. Many governments use the term to describe people with varying amounts of power, from the head of state to judges and financial officials. The head of a university is frequently called a chancellor too. The Latin root is cancellarius, an usher or guard in a court of law.


  • It comes after both Mr Cameron and his Conservative chancellor, George Osborne, refused to rule out a deal during separate media appearances.BBC Apr 3, 2015

  • Howe had been at her side as her chancellor, foreign secretary and deputy prime minister since the very beginning of her reign in Downing Street.

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