A pearl is a white, round gem formed inside an oyster or clam. Pearl can also refer to something that resembles the gem in color or shape, like a pearl of sweat that forms on your forehead when you're hot.

  • Pronunciation: /pɜːl/
  • English Description: a small round white object that forms inside an oyster, and is a valuable jewel
  • Chinese Translation: 珍珠(Zhen1 Zhu1)
  • Spanish Translation: perla
  • STORY:Why is a pearl called a pearl? It isn't clear where the Medieval Latin word perla comes from. Some believe it refers to the shape of the shell in which pearls are found: either pear, like the shapely fruit, or perna, literally "ham," because the shell is shaped like a pig's leg.


  • To Dr. Sam Shelanski, shops like Pearl River Mart, an emporium of all things Chinese, are a New York highlight.Washington Times Apr 18, 2015

  • It was only after McNair’s mother Pearl promised the books would be returned that the librarian relented.

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