A bistro is a cozy little restaurant. The word comes from Paris, of course, but there are bistros all over the world.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈbiːstrəu/
  • English Description: a small restaurant or bar
  • Chinese Translation: 小酒馆(Xiao3 Jiu3 Guan3)
  • Spanish Translation: casa de comidas
  • STORY: Bistros started in the boarding houses of Paris, where landlords would serve food to the public in order to make some extra money. The history of the word itself is slippery, but it might be related to the French word bistouille, slang for “bad alcohol.” Or maybe the Russians brought it when they wanted food bystra, or fast. Who knows? We do know that a bistro is a small restaurant that grown-ups like. There’s no room for crayons.


  • If you’re hankering for classic French bistro dishes tweaked with a modern sensibility, this is the place.Los Angeles Times  Apr 15, 2015

  • He sold off one of the area’s top hotels, Tampa’s Westin Harbour Island with its popular restaurant, Jackson’s Bistro.

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