A prospectus is a written catalog or brochure that offers a plan, as of school courses to take or which stocks to buy. The idea of a prospectus is to offer a variety of options and a plan of action.

  • Pronunciation: /prəˈspektəs/
  • English Description: a document produced by a company that wants the public to buy its shares
  • Chinese Translation: 简章(Jian3 Zhang1)
  • Spanish Translation: prospecto
  • STORY: One goal of a prospectus is to present the positive features of something in order to attract a desired participant. When a new company wants to attract investors or a stock brokerage wants to attract new clients, each offers a prospectus specific to its goals. The word is from the Latin verb specere, "to look," which is combined with the prefix prō-, "forward" — giving us a verb meaning "to look forward" to something that is coming. The modern word appeared first in France in the 18th century.


  • Before investing in a mutual fund, request and review the fund’s prospectus or consult with a professional fee-based financial advisor. US News Apr 8, 2015

  • According to the prospectus, the company now oversees 59 million domains, or about 21 percent of those worldwide.

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