That thing that happens when somehow you know in your head exactly what your brother wants for dinner even though he hasn’t said a word? That could be telepathy, communication that involves none of the known senses.

  • Pronunciation: /tɪˈlepəθi/
  • English Description: a way of communicating in which thoughts are sent from one person's mind to another person's mind
  • Chinese Translation: 心灵感应(Xin1 Long2 Gan3 Ying4)
  • Spanish Translation: telepatía
  • STORY: Scientists can’t quite figure out if telepathy really is possible, but you can still use the word to describe those times when you seem to know what someone else is thinking. With telepathy, people communicate entirely in the mind without saying anything. If you walk into your favorite coffee shop and without a word the guy at the counter hands you your double latte, that could be telepathy. Or it could be you just order that all the time.


  • Some researchers say the results constitute compelling evidence that telepathy is genuine.
  • The implication was that the ganzfeld method had revealed real evidence for telepathy.