If people are laughing at you, making fun of you, and acting as if you're worthless, they're treating you with derision. Derision is mean and attacking — it's a form of contempt.

  • Pronunciation: /dɪˈrɪʒən/
  • English Description: when you show that you think someone or something is stupid or silly
  • Chinese Translation: 嘲笑 (Chao2 Xiao4)
  • Spanish Translation: burla
  • STORY: Derision is more than just making fun of someone — it's mocking someone so forcefully and with such venom that you discredit the person completely. Derision can include literally laughing at someone or just treating a person like a joke. You know how celebrities and politicians do embarrassing things from time to time? They're usually treated with derision afterward: people mock them, treat them with contempt, and try to make the person who messed up seem completely worthless.


My Twitter feed is filled with derision and chortles about a presumptive Republican misstep and the acumen of its organizer, Senator Cotton. Newsweek Mar 10, 2015

His speech was greeted with derision by opposition leaders.