If you're looking to relocate to a utopia, good luck! A utopia is an ideal society, and a scheme or vision for producing such a society can be called utopian.

  • Pronunciation: / ju'topɪən/
  • English description: characterized by or aspiring to impracticable perfection
  • Synonyms: perfect
  • Chinese Translation:  乌托邦的(wu1 tuo1 bang1 de)
  • Spanish Translation: tríada
  • ORIGIN: In 1516, the English philosopher Thomas More published Utopia, a book about an island nation with the perfect form of government. This novel gave us the adjective utopian, which can be used to describe plans for or works of fiction depicting ideal societies. Dystopian literature, by contrast, describes nightmarishly repressive worlds. It's ironic that More himself may have conceived of his Utopia as a dystopia, or at least a satire. The name of More's novel is anglicized Greek for "no place" — which makes a lot of sense if you think about it.


  • Making the utopian vision come to fruition will require a few things.
  • Some were even in tears, fearful that this was the end of their progressive utopian dream.

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