A triad is three things or people considered as one unit. A triad is a trio.

  • Pronunciation: / 'træd/
  • English description: a set of three similar things considered as a unit
  • Synonyms: triple
  • Chinese Translation:  三个一组(shi3 ji1 jin4 hua4)
  • Spanish Translation: tríada
  • ORIGIN: A triangle is a shape with three sides. Similarly, a triad is a set of three things or people. To be a triad, three individual parts must also be considered a unit. A band with three members is a triad. A business with three divisions is a triad. A family with three members is a triad. A book with three volumes is a triad (usually called a trilogy). Triads are also called threesomes and trios.


  • "This is not surprising; the triads have long had symbiotic links with both the junkets and the entertainment sector," he said.
  • She says the letter was mailed from somewhere in the Triad, and authorities are pursuing some leads but have made no arrests.

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