When you meet up again, you reconvene. School may be out for the summer, but it will reconvene in the fall.

  • Pronunciation: /,ri:kən'vi:n/
  • English description: meet or cause to meet again
  • Synonyms: convene
  • Chinese Translation:  再聚会(zai4 ju4 hui4)
  • Spanish Translation: volver a convocar
  • ORIGIN: The verb reconvene is used most often when a club, government body, or business meeting comes together again after a pause or a break of some length. The United States Congress reconvenes after a summer recess, and your book group might reconvene after a month or two. The Latin root is convenire, "unite, agree, or assemble," which in turn comes from com, "together," and venire, "to come."


  • One is when nations will reconvene to review their progress and adjust their pledges.
  • After meeting for eight hours in private, board members returned to district headquarters, reconvened in open session and adjourned until 8 a.m.

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