An esplanade is an area that's meant to be walked on, especially beside the ocean or another body of water. An esplanade makes it possible to stroll beside the water without walking on the beach.

  • Pronunciation: /,ɛsplə'ned/
  • English description: a long stretch of open level ground (paved or grassy) for walking beside the seashore
  • Synonyms: promenade
  • Chinese Translation:  滨海大道(bing1 hai3 da4 dao4)
  • Spanish Translation: el paseo marítimo
  • ORIGIN: You can also call an esplanade a promenade. These flat, open areas are intended to be walked along, and they're sometimes also used for skating or biking. The original esplanades were similarly level, open stretches outside of fortresses that provided soldiers with wide visibility for shooting. In the US, another meaning of esplanade is a median strip beside or in the middle of a road. The word comes from the Spanish esplanada, "large, level area."


  • There should be several dozen to judge by the empty rooms along the esplanade.
  • Back in town, the coastline seethed, with monster waves regularly collapsing on unsuspecting couples strolling along the esplanade.

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