A pariah is someone that has been soundly rejected by their community. Your constant gossiping might make you a pariah on campus.

  • Pronunciation: /pə'raɪə/
  • English description: a person who is rejected (from society or home)
  • Synonyms: castaway
  • Chinese Translation:  贱民(jian4 min2)
  • Spanish Translation: el paria
  • ORIGIN: Pariah takes its name from a tribe in Southeast India. The pariahs were drummers, sorcerers, and servants who became untouchables in Indian society because of the unsanitary jobs they did. Pariahmaintains this sense of untouchableness. Pariahs are not just unliked, they are avoided at all costs. Imagine how a once popular restaurant could gain pariah status if it fails health inspections three times in a row.


  • Shunned as a pariah, he ended up homeless and destitute.
  • While abstinence has long been held up as some cultural and religious ideal, it also caused me to be perceived as a prude; a pariah.

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