A lodge is an inn where travelers stay overnight. If you’re in need of a night’s sleep while traveling an out of the way country road, you’re more likely to find yourself at a lodge than a fancy or chain hotel.

  • Pronunciation: /lɑdʒ/
  • English description: a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers
  • Synonyms: inn
  • Chinese Translation: 旅馆(lv2 guan3)
  • Spanish Translation: el refugio
  • ORIGIN: A lodge can also be a cabin in the woods; like an inn, it’s usually a temporary accommodation. But if you join your local lodge, you’ll be expected to be a regular visitor, at least at the monthly the meetings. Lodge is also a verb, meaning to stay temporarily, or to give someone a place to stay. If you lodge a toothpick between your teeth, though, you’ll probably hope it won’t stay there too long.


  • At the heart of the property is a restored two-story log lodge overlooking a creek.
  • "We left and she still had a bullet lodged in her head but the four of us are safe and sound", the woman said.

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