If you’ve ever seen a piece of artwork where the picture is comprised of little clay tiles, then you’ve seen a mosaic.

  • Pronunciation: /mo'zeɪk/
  • English description: art consisting of a design made of small pieces of colored stone or glass
  • Synonyms: arial mosaic
  • Chinese Translation: 镶嵌(xiang1 qian4)
  • Spanish Translation: el mosaico
  • ORIGIN: If you break a nice piece of china, or a stain glass window, you could save the broken pieces for future use in a mosaic. A mosaic is a style of art where a larger image is created by arranging bits of clay, glass, or other materials in a pattern. More broadly, you can use this word to describe anything that is made up of many different elements, such as “the diverse group represented a mosaic of different viewpoints.”


  • A permanent modern roof now shelters what remains of the church, including the beautiful mosaics that once decorated the walls.
  • The more formal dining room is embellished by a large chandelier and a mosaic tiled by a local artist.

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