To cede is to give up or surrender land, position, or authority. "She reluctantly ceded the coveted position as the baby of the family to her brother when he was born. She would not, however, cede her bedroom to him."

  • Pronunciation: /sid/
  • English description: give over; surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another
  • Synonyms: concede
  • Chinese Translation: 放弃(fang4 qi4)
  • Spanish Translation: ceder
  • ORIGIN: Cede is a word often used in discussing diplomatic issues. It is more commonly used in reference to actual physical things, like geographic areas or objects, but can also be used in reference to attitudes or opinions. "The rebels ceded territory after the siege failed." "Dad tried but finally ceded control and let me have my own Facebook account."


  • I think one mistake that our movement made earlier in the struggle was to cede the religious arguments to our adversaries.
  • And it was there in the final 10 minutes, the lead still so slender, never losing possession, never ceding territory, never giving a sniff.

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