To remember biddable, which means "obedient" and "capable of being trained," think: "able" to do your "bidding."

  • Pronunciation: /'bɪdəbl/
  • English description: willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest
  • Synonyms: acquiescent
  • Chinese Translation: 顺从的(shun4 cong2 de)
  • Spanish Translation: obediente
  • ORIGIN: Certain breeds of dog, such as Golden Retrievers, are prized for their biddability. In other words, they are easy to housebreak, and you can train them to do tricks. Headstrong dachshunds are not known to be biddable. Bark "sit" and "stay" commands all you like, they listen only when it conveniences them. And cats? Your cat is likely evaluating how biddable you are turning out to be.


  • Throughout, she’s been a hilarious corrective to the notion of models as mute and biddable clotheshorses.
  • Dogs tend to be open, honest and biddable.

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