If there is a forceful flowing inward or coming in, you can say there is an influx. Every fall, the college town sees an influx of students and the population jumps 30 percent.

  • Pronunciation: /'ɪnflʌks/
  • English description: the process of flowing in
  • Synonyms: inflow
  • Chinese Translation:  汇集(hui4 ji2)
  • Spanish Translation: la afluencia
  • ORIGIN: Although anything flowing inward can be called an influx, there are several things this word is commonly used to refer to: water, people, and cash. The dam burst, causing an influx of water to the already swollen river. You just managed to avoid the influx of people mobbing the store looking to be the first to buy the newest gaming system. Try to avoid a financial plan like this: once you win the lottery, you'll use the influx of cash to pay off debts.


  • "I do not see an influx of tourists clamoring to visit these remote outposts," he said.
  • Instead of tilling fields of cucumber, melon and asparagus locals catered to the influx with minivans, hotels, flophouses, packed lunches and hiking supplies.

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