Tips to cope with stress

Hi guys! My name is Huong from Viet Nam. This is my very first post for our group. And I want to share with you some of my experiences to cope with stress in your life. I’m 23 years old, and maybe I am too young to talk about all the stress we can encounter in our life, but even at this young age, it can help I think, to share some ideas.  Even at this age, we are stressed about our education, preparing for exams, or finding a good career.

It is undeniable that stress is absolutely an inevitable feeling and we must admit as a natural part of life.  Here are some tips I often use:

1. Get some rest and sleep enough: Are you over-thinking about your problems? Are you feeling tired? It’s good time for you to get some sleep. The refreshed mind is always better than one running on empty or full of worries.



2. Think of your family: it really works for me all the times. Thinking of them makes me feel more supported. Perhaps they cannot solve your problems directly, but family always provides you mental and emotional support. It’s lucky when you still have your family by your side.




3. Change your attitude toward the problem: The only thing you can control are your thoughts and attitude. Everything has two sides and maintain your positive attitude and thinking. When you feel stuck in life, it means it’s time for you to make changes



4. Read book: Books are our best friend. Books can help you in each stage of life. When you feel stressed, reading books like “Attitude is everything” from Jeff Keller can provide you with motivation.




5. Join new groups, clubs or make friends: These things are like new winds in your life and who know, these people can give you encouragement, advice or a new way of looking at the stress.  The point is to turn the stress into a positive energy.


The above points are my suggestions, some of them stem from my experiences and some from books that I have read. I know that each person will have their own way to address trouble in life and I hope we can share to make a better world. Thank you for reading.