About Dreams 'N Motion Tunisia


The idea of launching Dreams 'N Motion TUNISIA has arisen from a long and deep research carried out by the international and national teams on the Tunisian market.


It discovered  the existence of a large gap between Dreams 'N Motion USA and the Tunisian population in services especially those related to the educational field.

Therefore, both teams have decided to start providing DNM services to Tunisian students to support their life goals through high quality online courses mainly in English language and career development.


Moreover, we support those who want  to study in universities in The USA. 

About its founders


certificateCertified Teacher and DNM Tunisia Education Lead

Rihab Abdelmaksoud, 28 years old, is an English teacher and an active member in civil society. She's got her masters' degree in Postcolonial English literature and she was an active member in several orginizations like "I Watch", "We Youth" and nowadays is an active member in "Dreams 'N Motion"




Amin Jamoussi is originally from Sfax, Tunisia and graduated as an accountant in 2009. He has a vast experience with different international companies and few years ago he launched his first company and he's currently running Dreams 'N Motion Tunisia having as a goal to make it an international company that provides services in the educational field to the Tunisian population.