March Newsletter

March 2017

Here are a couple of things we would like you to know about what is going on in Dreams 'N Motion

A well deserved recognition to Catherine, our Chinese member who has demonstrated that she has what it takes to win our member of the month certificate.

Admission to the MEPI in the US

Our member Noussa from Algeria, has been selected as a potential candidate to participate in the MEPI students leader 2017 program. We helped her to do her essay and personal statement, for her application as a MEPI student to the USA and provided her coaching techniques for her interview at the US Embassy. We are glad to be part of her success. 


Project Management workshop

Successfully conducted 4 sessions of Project Management workshop on our Skype platform. 
To participate in the next Workshop (Time Management), check our schedule at here.

Upcoming events

We invite you to our weekly Skype group calls. 
Our schedule can be found at