March Newsletter

March 2017

Here are a couple of things we would like you to know about what is going on in Dreams 'N Motion

A well deserved recognition to Catherine, our Chinese member who has demonstrated that she has what it takes to win our member of the month certificate.

Admission to the MEPI in the US

Our member Noussa from Algeria, has been selected as a potential candidate to participate in the MEPI students leader 2017 program. We helped her to do her essay and personal statement, for her application as a MEPI student to the USA and provided her coaching techniques for her interview at the US Embassy. We are glad to be part of her success. 


Project Management workshop

Successfully conducted 4 sessions of Project Management workshop on our Skype platform. 
To participate in the next Workshop (Time Management), check our schedule at here.

Upcoming events

We invite you to our weekly Skype group calls. 
Our schedule can be found at

News of the Week


Member of the Month

Thanks Soso Malak for contributing and help others achieve their goals. We bestow upon you our Member recognition for the month of October.

Dreams ‘N Motion Tunisia:

We are getting very close to opening our facilities in the country of Tunisia.  This would be our first “in country” facility, with our goal of providing quality and affordable services to the residents of Tunisia.  Thanks so much to our team for keeping the faith, and moving forward to achieve this goal!!


Other News


We are pleased to announce the inauguration of our Forum where anyone can post and comment about Education, Career, travel, wellness and other relevant topics.
Visit our Forum HERE and Post your first thread!


New Members:

We have had some top quality people join us; our registration data base observes more than 1100 members and as we come to know them, we also come to know more about their lives.

For Mokhtaroo in the country of Algeria, whose mother has been having some medical problems, we pray for her safe recovery.

For Thanh and her family in Vietnam that recently suffered flooding in Ho Chi Minh City, our prayers to all of you.

For Raghda and her family in USA (Florida), our prayers for you and your family and all people dealing with the threat of the Hurricane that is approaching.  We hope that you and all others are safe throughout this natural disaster.

For Rojhano, we wish you success in your new job. Don’t let the students make you go crazy :)

We are still working on a few things to improve our services and hopefully we will soon announce new services. Stay in the loop!

Happy Birthday Rick!

This page is dedicated to our mentor and founder


Rick, we hope now that you enjoy this video let a window open to what we try to pass on to you.


Other sources: DropBox | Google Drive

About Rick

As the initial founder of Dreams N Motion (aka Global English Group), he is a man of vision that has dedicated his entire adult life to serving his country, whether in uniform or as a Federal Employee. Due to some tragic circumstances resulting in the senseless death of his teenage son in a drive by shooting, as well as his role in raising his daughter as a single parent, he became inspired to reach out to younger people, to promote an environment where people can find healthy guidance, positive mentorship and a reason to believe in their goals and dreams. In 2010, he hosted some foreign exchange students in his home, a small step in what would become a major and life changing decision to work with others that shared similar goals and launch the Dreams 'N Motion organization.

Student Recruitment


Dreams 'N Motion™ is a committed international organization, established by members from more than 65 countries, and our goal is to help you reach your goal in improving your English proficiency.

We help you to...

certificate Advance your educational studies

certificate Improve your career opportunities

certificate Support your immigration dreams

certificate Expand your social circle

What makes us different

Our teachers work together to provide the most instructive and effective learning methods/curriculum.
We understand that learning English is just one step of achieving your dreams, and we will work with you to meet your other life goals.
We have an outstanding management team, represented by members from many countries in the world, who have been in your shoes, know what it is like, and can relate to your situation and your dreams.