Your reflection is what you see in the mirror. Other things that bounce back at you are also reflections — light waves, sound waves, even your thoughts.

Pronunciation: /rɪˈflɛk ʃən/ 

English description: an image that you can see in a mirror, glass, or water

Origin: Reflection comes from the Latin reflectere, made up of the prefix re-,"back," and flectere, "to bend." So it's bending something back: your reflection in the mirror is the light waves that bounce your image back at you. When you pause for reflection — serious thinking, that is — your thoughts are bending inward. Reflection can also be a consequence of something: the way your dog mopes around when you're away is a reflection of how much he misses you.


  • Can you see your reflection in the glass?
  • This writer has broken her silence and written an honest, graceful reflection on an important aspect of her life.

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