A wolverine is a strong little animal, the largest member of the weasel family. You're most likely to see a wolverine if you go hiking in Alaska. Although they’re cute, don’t try to pet one. They are not cuddly.


Pronunciation: /ˈwʊl.vər.iːn/ 
English description: related to otters and badgers
ORIGIN: Wolverines are related to otters and badgers, but they're known for being the most ferocious of weasels, able to fight and kill animals much larger than they are. Wolverines are dense and covered with shaggy fur, and because they resemble little bears, they're sometimes called "skunk bears." They weigh about 50 lbs. Wolverinewas originally wolvering, which may come from the plural form ofwolf, wolves, or possibly from wolver, "one who behaves like a wolf."



  • The work will be done in the winter when bears are hibernating so researchers can focus on the wolverines.
  • In fact, wolverines are sometimes referred to as “southern polar bears,” according to wildlife groups.

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