Skulduggery is dishonest words that are meant to trick people, like your brother's fast-talking that leaves you doing all of his chores and your own, plus giving him your allowance. He's a master of skulduggery.

  • Pronunciation: / skʌl'dʌɡəri/
  • English description: verbal misrepresentation intended to take advantage of you in some way
  • Synonyms: trickery
  • Chinese Translation:  诡计(gui3 ji4)
  • Spanish Translation: el tejemanejes
  • ORIGIN: Skulduggery is an alteration of the Scottish word for "adultery,"sculdudrie. Lies, deceit, having a romantic relationship with someone else's spouse? Sounds like skulduggery — or using clever words to take advantage of a situation, or person — is involved. However, skulduggery can have many other goals, from lying to potential customers about what a product can do or telling voters anything they want to hear in order to secure their votes.


  • Worries about skulduggery by the mainland’s agents have been growing since October, when four of the men disappeared.
  • However, it's possible that regulatory incompetence rather than corporate skulduggery is to blame in this case.

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