Intervening means happening between other things. Middle school is an intervening phase between elementary school and high school.

  • Pronunciation: / ,ɪntɚ'vinɪŋ/
  • English description: occurring or falling between events or points in time
  • Synonyms: middle
  • Chinese Translation:  中间的(zhong1 jian1 de)
  • Spanish Translation: mediante
  • ORIGIN: Intervening is an adjective that comes from the Latin intervenire, from inter-, meaning “between,” and venire, meaning “come.” That which is intervening comes between. The intervening period of your life between high school and college could involve a stint in the circus. You never know.


  • School resource officers have been criticized recently as a number of videos have gone viral showing officers aggressively intervening in disciplinary matters involving students.
  • But given the events of the intervening years, the relative peace and prosperity of the decade still generates a nostalgic affection for many Americans.

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