A whim is an odd or fanciful idea, something kooky you suddenly decide to do, like dress up like a chicken or drive to Vegas.

  • Pronunciation: / wɪm/
  • English description: a sudden desire
  • Synonyms: impulse
  • Chinese Translation:  心血来潮(xin1 xue3 lai2 chao2)
  • Spanish Translation: el capricho
  • ORIGIN: A whim can be a sudden impulse or a change of mind, like if you go shopping for school clothes but instead buy a pink cowboy hat. Whim is a shortened version of the equally silly sounding whim wham which means "fanciful object," like a tiny snow globe that plays "Hava Nagila." If you go for a drive on a whim, you could wind up anywhere, perhaps even back to the store to return that snow globe.


  • They appear to manifest at the whims of the app’s designers instead of emerging from your actual interactions.
  • It’s considerably less bulky than a bookshelf and can be moved on a whim.

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