If you go astray (adv.), you lose the path. If you went to college intending to become a doctor, but instead became interested in making violent video games, your parents might feel you have gone astray.

  • Pronunciation: / ə'stre/
  • English description: away from the right path or direction
  • Synonyms: wide
  • Chinese Translation:  误入歧途地(wu4 ru4 qi2 tu2 de)
  • Spanish Translation: extraviado
  • ORIGIN: A stray animal is one that has gotten loose, and the adverb astraycomes from this sense of wandering off from the proper place, even though it's not just for animals. If you go astray, you lose the right way, or are out of place. It can be a moral judgment: juvenile delinquents are kids who have gone astray. But it can also refer to small details. If you dress impeccably, you make sure that no thread is astray.


  • Little English is spoken here, yet somehow no dishes go astray and everything arrives as ordered.
  • Their teachings reveal that many of our most fundamental assumptions about how we ought to live have actually led us astray.

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