Wangle means to get something through deception or devious coaxing, like the time you tried to wangle your way into a concert by pretending to be the singer's sister.

  • Pronunciation: / 'wæŋgl/
  • English description: an instance of accomplishing something by scheming or trickery
  • Synonyms: wangling
  • Chinese Translation: 诈骗(zha4 pian4)
  • Spanish Translation: agenciarse
  • ORIGIN: Wangle, which rhymes with tangle is similar in meaning tomanipulate, although wangle has a more informal feel. The word's playful sound hints at its origin — it came into English as slang. In the 1880s it was coined by British printers who used their skills to wangle, or fake, an image to look like something else. That tradition endures today with untrustworthy magazines that wangle photos of celebrities to deceive readers.


  • In reality he mainly just hung around service stations all day and tried to figure out ways to wangle money.
  • Shareholders would lose nothing from the little wangle; it was merely the public purse that would be bilked of precious millions.

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