When something proliferates, it's growing, spreading or multiplying really quickly. Bunny rabbits have a habit of proliferating, as do dandelions in untended gardens and funny YouTube videos on the internet.

  • Pronunciation: / prə'lɪfə'ret /
  • English description: grow rapidly
  • Synonyms: grow
  • Chinese Translation: 激增(ji1 zeng1)
  • Spanish Translation: proliferar
  • ORIGIN: Proliferate was originally a biological term used to describe the growth of cells and producing offspring. It wasn’t until 1961 that we started to use proliferate more generally to talk about everything from the spread of nuclear weapons to the wide growth of Walmart. Other similar words include expandreproducesnowball, and spawn.


  • But as the buy-one-give-one companies have proliferated, so have questions about the model’s efficacy, and even its ethics.
  • As those attitudes spread, the institutional models — new-music ensembles, period bands — proliferated.

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