The rock star wasn't enamored, or in love, with the idea of performing old-fashioned ballads, until his agent told him there'd be no big paycheck until he started crooning out those romantic tunes.

  • Pronunciation: / en'æməd/
  • English description: marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness
  • Synonyms: in love
  • Chinese Translation: 迷恋的(mi2 lian4 de)
  • Spanish Translation: enamorado(a)
  • ORIGIN: Being enamored of something or with someone goes far beyond liking them, and it's even more flowery than love. Enamored means smitten with, or totally infatuated. Someone enamored with another will perhaps even swoon. A man who's in love sends the object of his affection a dozen roses, but if he is enamored with her, he covers her entire front lawn with a blanket of rose petals.


  • There were still those so enamored of Selden’s raw potential and athletic ability that he may have considered bolting to the NBA early.
  • Although the players were enamored of quality hockey environments, they had problems making the transition.

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