If you wash your favorite white shirt with a brand new, bright red towel, your shirt is probably going to discolor, or change color from white to pink.

  • Pronunciation: / dɪs'kʌlɚ/
  • English description: cause to lose or change color
  • Synonyms: change color
  • Chinese Translation: 染色(ran3 se4)
  • Spanish Translation: decolorar
  • ORIGIN: Use the verb discolor when something fades or alters in color. Your teeth might discolor from drinking too much black tea, and you might notice your beach towel discoloring after a summer spent at the seaside. The word discolor has been in use since the fourteenth century, and it comes from the Old French descolorer, with colorer meaning "to color."


  • The water that came out of their faucets turned cloudy, foamy and discolored, and smelled and tasted foul.
  • I saw that the beige carpet was worn away—not discolored or faded but just worked through by the ceaseless back-and-forth of my desk chair.

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