Sarcastic humor is biting humor; it hurts. The talent-show judge who rolls his eyes at your dancing and says things like "The average border Collie has more talent than you" is a sarcastic person given to sarcastic remarks.

  • Pronunciation: / sɑr'kæstɪk/
  • English description: expressing or expressive of ridicule that wounds
  • Synonyms: critical
  • Chinese Translation: 挖苦的(wa1 ku3 de)
  • Spanish Translation: sarcástico
  • ORIGIN: Sarcastic comes from the Greek word sarkazhein, which literally means "tear the flesh." Maybe that's why we also refer to our talent-show judge's remark as "cutting." When someone's being sarcastic, sometimes it's the tone, rather than the words, that let you know, like when our talent-show judge says exaggeratedly, "Great job! I almost confused you for Pavarotti!" (And then adds "Not!" or gives you the thumbs-down.)


  • She clapped her hands, giving me a sarcastic round of applause.
  • Utley showed a quick wit, a sarcastic bent and a lot of baseball knowledge.

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