If you are rigorous when you do something, you do it extremely carefully and precisely. A rigorous inspection of your tax records has revealed the government owes you money. Congratulations!

  • Pronunciation: / 'rɪɡərəs/
  • English description: rigidly accurate; allowing no deviation from a standard
  • Synonyms: exact
  • Chinese Translation: 严谨的(yan2 jin3 de)
  • Spanish Translation: riguroso
  • ORIGIN: The Latin root for rigorous is rigor, meaning “stiffness.” This might remind you or rigor mortis, the stiffening of a body after death, as often seen on cop shows. This is a good, if creepy, way of remembering the meaning of rigorous: rigorous people are stiff and unbending about the standards of their work. This requires being alive, of course.


  • But I've learned through a rigorous process that you can stretch your way through.
  • First, the new spacecraft would need to go through a series of rigorous tests, the company said.

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