A surge is a sudden strong swelling, like a tsunami wave that engulfs the land. Although a surge offers a fluid image, anything can experience a sudden surge, including emotions, political support, or an angry mob.

  • Pronunciation: /sɝdʒ/
  • English description: rise and move, as in waves or billows
  • Synonyms: billow
  • Chinese Translation: 汹涌澎湃(xiong1 yong3 peng2 pai4)
  • Spanish Translation: la subida
  • ORIGIN: The original Latin word surgere, meaning “to spring up or rise,” serves as the basis for the word surge, which refers to a great sudden growth or swelling. If you are watching a sad movie and you experience a sudden surge of emotion, do you quietly reach for a tissue, pretend something's in your eye, or simply weep and sob with reckless abandon. Yeah, me too. Christmas shopping can be dangerous when there is a surge of interest in one toy and desperate shoppers surge into stores trying to grab it up.


  • Their numbers slowed as winter set in, but a surge is expected again by spring.
  • Four deadly surges have left the world ravaged and a teen must trust a mysterious young man to save her brother.

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