Aplomb is the ultimate test for cool: grace under pressure. Use aplomb to show great restraint under even the most trying circumstances. In retail, it's always a good idea to handle the angry customers with aplomb.

  • Pronunciation: / ə'plɑm/
  • English description: great coolness and composure under strain
  • Synonyms: assuredness
  • Chinese Translation: 沉着(chen2 zhuo2)
  • Spanish Translation: el aplomo
  • ORIGIN: Angry at the long lines at the grocery store? Irritated because the driver ahead cut you off? Take a deep breath, and approach life's messes with aplomb. When you think of aplomb, think cool, calm and collected. Not frazzled, furious, and fiery. Aplomb comes from the French word meaning "perpendicularity," from the phrase à plomb for "poised upright, balanced."


  • Naturally, I took this sudden news with aplomb and calmly went about my day.
  • He’s fended off attacks with aplomb and doesn’t seem to have been hurt by them.

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